A Career In Audio Engineering

Audio engineering is a promising career that offers immense opportunity in film, video production, sound broadcasting and advertising. Audio engineers use a number of recording devices such as high-tech microphones that are required to record even the slightest variations of sound.

The general concept of engineering relates to building bridges, buildings, roads and similar kind of work. Most people do not think of audio engineering as a form of traditional engineering. However, it is one of the highest paying jobs and has many successful people working in the field.

There are many areas; some are basic and easy to grasp, while others are time consuming and require vigorous education to learn to operate the equipment. It is not a sexy job, but once you start working in this field of career you will get an opportunity to work on many exciting projects.

A lot of commitment and interest is required in order to excel in this field. Audio Production in Austin Tx

Areas of Work

Audio engineers may find jobs in the following fields:

o Movies: In movies, sound engineers may be required for voice overs, sound tracks and scenes.

o Television shows: Many television shows and commercials also require audio engineers in various departments prior to the final airing.

o Music: They play a significant role in the field of music; particularly in live concerts, recording studios, and video albums.

o Meetings: Big corporate companies require audio engineers for managing audio equipment in seminars, meetings and lectures.

o Sports: They handle live telecasts, commentaries and many other functions.

o Schools: They may also find jobs in schools while managing audio in sports functions, dances, student gatherings and in lectures also, if the class is big and requires additional audio equipment.

Audio engineers working for television, films and music recordings will find their names among the credits. They can also be found in the following places:

o Recording studios: Recording studios require audio engineers mainly to operate microphones, software and mixers. It is one of the most lucrative jobs; besides money, it also brings recognition.

o Auto stores: An audio engineer may also find a job in an auto parts store selling stereo equipment and to assist in installations.

o Home audio stores: Home audio stores also need audio engineers to provide customers with assistance in selecting the right type of speakers and also help in installing them.

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