A Secure And Easy Password Management Strategy

The Problem Of Managing Passwords

A lot of people will often make use of the same password for most of the websites which they use daily. This is often rather dangerous because a hacker could certainly access each one of your services and personal information the moment only ONE of the websites you use everyday is breached. This definitely does actually occur, and not simply to unknown web-sites, large websites such as Sony, LinkedIn and were hacked before and lots of its members login details were obtained and revealed to the entire internet on hacker sites! Contemplate the outcome if your e-mail account was hacked. This could quite easily occur when you utilize the identical password or a fairly easy variation of one password for all of your web services. family password manager

However all of us are only just people, and memorizing  very long, unique and strong strings of characters for each service we utilize just is not manageable. Exactly how do we cope with this problem? Well, in this article I will present to you the conclusion of my long research and the solution.

Password Generators and Password Managers

Password generators are services which create strong, one of a kind passwords for you. Secure passwords normally consist of a length of at the very least twelve characters, contain uppercase and lower-case letters, numbers as well as special characters for instance ^ and ~. Strong passwords should not have any human readable words which you can find in dictionaries. Utilizing good and different login credentials for every one of your applications and online sites is extremely important simply because it decreases the danger of getting hacked. The bigger and more advanced your credential is, the more protective it is to make use of on online sites.

Password Managers are services which normally store all of your access credentials in a protected file. This file can only be accessed by your “Master Password”. The problem with Password Managers is that they are subjected to the same security concerns as normal websites, because they store users’ “Master Passwords”. If the website is compromised and all of the “Master Passwords” are breached, users could lose ALL of their login details for all of their websites!

Using Password Generators And Managers

I have devoted quite a lot of my energy doing investigation for a solution to this access credentials handling problem, sadly the only thing you often come across on the web is Random Password Generators and Password Managers like articulated above. Most users sadly do not even worry about Password Management and just use the same password for all of their services and programs. As outlined above, this practice is extremely dangerous. Users which tend to be a little more security conscious often use one of the available Password Managers or Password Vaults which protect all the passwords in an encrypted file which is unlocked with a “Master Password”. But as outlined above, if the “Master Password” should be compromised, all access would be compromised.


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