A Small Business Phone System Puts Small Companies in the Big League

Metro PCS started out the massive shift from cell phone contracts to the pre-paid or pay as you go movement. It was much needed and made cell phone service to millions of people who wanted a cell phone but couldn’t or wouldn’t get caught up in a 2 year contract with the big 4 Cell phone companies: At&t, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. They didn’t have the best phones and they didn’t have the best service and to this day they surely don’t have much of a coverage area but yet the filled a huge demand that eventually got the attention of the major carriers who saw droves of their customers leaving after seeing how much money they were being over charged by the big boys.

The big 4 saw the writing on the wall and had no choice but to find a way to compete with Metro on a level playing field and began to acquire their own pre-paid companies that would run on the same powerful towers that their customers stuck in contracts were using,

Most of these names you have probably heard of. Boost and Virgin Mobile are the pre-paid services that belong to Sprint. At&t has Red Pocket and H20. Over at T-mobile they offer Simple Mobile as well as T-Mobile pre-paid. Verizon has their own pre-paid as well in addition to Altell and Page Plus,

Major Super chains such as Best Buy, Walmart and Radio Shack are spending millions on advertising the fact that they offer all these services so it has become very clear that contracts are on the way out and pre-paid cell is here to stay.

Now that’s all great news but let’s take it a step further. What if I told you that you could have unlimited text, talk and web and you could have it for Free? I know, what’s the catch, right? I said the same thing when a good friend of mine told me he had not only totally free cell phone service for himself but for everyone in his household as well. verizon voip

Three major players have seen the writing on the wall and have been able to piggy back off of the major advertising dollars by the brick and mortar stores who have shifted their focus in the marketplace from computers, HD televisions and other electronics towards providing customers with a variety of phones and even more so to an even wider variety of Cell phone services.

Pre-paid wireless companies have even taken a bold move to open stores throughout their coverage areas much like Metro PCS has been doing for some time.
However it remains to be seen if this was a wise financial decision on their part since their phones and service can be purchased in dozens of other locations both physical and through the Internet.

The cell phone has replaced the computer as the number one consumer electronic luxury. In fact the cell phone actually isn’t a luxury item at all anymore with over 300,000 in use in the United States alone. Everyone may not have a big flat screen TV but the cell phone has broke the barriers of every demographic. Our kids have a cell phone, our parents have cell phones and even people on fixed income or very little income all seem to be carrying a cell phone.

As the consumer becomes more educated the industry will grow just that much faster and the shift is already picking up a great deal of momentum. Those of us who have been slaves to 2 year contracts for years are beginning to see that they now have another option. With almost every pre-paid service now being offered for only $40-$60 a month the average could easily save $1200 or more a year on their service while still keeping their same phone, same number, and basically the same service by switching to Pre-paid services offered by the big four’s affiliates who operate off the very same towers we are using with present Contract services.

Many people have heard of these companies but are unaware of their affiliations with the major carriers. Allow me to educate you on these companies if you will. Unfortunately by the time this article goes viral you will probably see links attached to them which I suggest you ignore due to the fact that they will be paid advertising links and probably not your best source as far as finding the information that I will leave you to help you find legitimate plans as well as legitimate sources that will best serve you.

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