Best Power Level Strategies for WoW

One of the most popular questions about World of Warcraft is power leveling. Power leveling means advancing your character’s level faster than might normally be expected allowing him to become more powerful. When your character power levels you receive better player achievements, HP points, as well as overall strength, damage, and magic.

So what is the best way to power level in WoW? There are many gaming companies’ claiming their product will help you power your way through levels faster. Some of these services are legit, many are not. Remember that no matter how good of a strategy your leveling system may be, or how skilled of a Warcraft player you are, you must play the game for your character to power up their experience points. Remember playing equals experience which makes you a more skilled player. Steps to take to power level in WoW:

If It Moves, Kill It

When you are sent to an area to complete a quest, whether it’s stealing pumpkins or killing, go above and beyond the call of duty. Kill everything that moves. This will take longer to complete a quest, but you will gain more experience and items, which are important to power leveling.

If you are in an area where enemies repopulate quickly, stick around until their loot drops dry up. Once their loot drops to grey move on to the next quest area.

Stick Around Till All Loot Be Found

Time is important in WoW and traveling will kill your time. Unless you have reached level 40, you need to concentrate on individual zones and clearing them all out before moving on to another area. By concentrating on individual zones you maximize your quest completion and gather more loot along the way. Using a guide can help tremendously when planning your strategy for attacking a zone. A good guide can walk you step-by-step through a zone allowing you to make the most of each quest which helps you power level quicker.

Find the Yellow Fellow

The only enemies worth killing are yellow enemies and above. As a newbie stay away from the orange or red kills. It takes a certain skill level to kill these enemies. Work your way up to these kills. Concentrating on yellow quests will allow you enough experience points for your efforts, and allow you opportunities to gain quest skills in more difficult levels.

Time to Till the Ground

Whenever you see a farm, stick around for a while and kill the enemies which populate the farmland as they repopulate. As long as the enemies you are killing are yellow level, they will be a good source of quick experience and loot. As they repopulate, knock them down until your bags are full then move on. power leveling

Go For the Gold

Selling items, especially those which you have made with your chosen professions, is a great way to make sure your character has the gold they need to keep their skills leveled up, and to ensure that they have the proper gear. You can buy, and sell, loot in the auction house.

Auction houses are a key component to power leveling your character. Make trips to major cities a part of your routine, and always check with your local auction house for anything you might want or need to ensure that you find it at the best possible prices.

Get a Job

Too many players waste time collecting goods to raise their professions to learn how to make more stuff. If the items you are making aren’t usable, because your level is too low, or you are not in the right class or lack the skill to use the item, then you should not be in such a hurry to make these items. Everyone wants to have a high profession skill level as quickly as possible, but these skills are supposed to progress with your character.

However, when you are ready to boost your professions nothing beats having lots of money from questing and farming, so you can buy the necessary items from the auction house and boost your skill levels 5 to 10 points at a time. Look for the skill which uses the least amount of items in its preparation, or the cheapest items to buy from the auction. Then buy these items and power level your professions!

Wax On, Wax Off

Make sure you are constantly working on your skills. The auction house provides an ample supply of weapons and armor, mostly green but some blues, which will keep your character current. This is important in terms of weapons, because you want to keep your DPS (Damage Per Second) as high as possible.

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