Buying Air Nailers – A Guide to the Basics

Air nailers are needed frequently in the house but unfortunately an all-purpose air nailer that can be used for multiple purposes is not usually available. There is a specific air nailer required for each construction product and very few air nailers can be used for multiple projects. There are separate nailers available that are used for working with thinner wood materials, but the same nailers cannot be used for projects using thicker wood slabs. A few of the air nailers available in the market have been discussed below: best brad nailer

For projects using thicker and denser materials for construction, framing nail guns are specifically used. They can drive in large box-type nails that are about 1″-4″ in size. These nailers are usually large in size and are quite heavy.

There is a nailer that is used specifically to the roofing projects. The nails used are coil-type, and are specially designed for roofing purposes. This nailer can store a large number of nails at a time.

Another specific category of highly specialised nailers are the siding nailers that are built for the purposes of nailing down siding. They are designed to contain a large magazine of specially designed coil type nails.

Brad nailers are also known as pin tools or finish nailers. As the name suggests, these nailers are used for finishing purposes, and the nails used are much smaller in size and often rounded so that they are not very visible to an onlooker. The nailers are usually stick-type and are commonly used for punching in the last few nails to add the finishing touch to the project. They are designed to work on lighter and smaller materials.

Wherever high precision is required in driving in the nails, pneumatic nailers are used. They are known so, based on the method they use to drive in the nails. The nails are punched in through the pneumatic or air pressure.

In contrast to the pneumatic nailers, Coil type nailers use coils or springs to shoot in the mails. For construction projects that require workers to use nailers for extended periods of time, these nailers are used. They are designed to hold a large number of nails at a point of time and are designed such that they do not tire out the workers easily.

When working in constricted areas like in between wall studs or ceiling joists, one needs a smaller air nailer. The Palm air nailers come pretty handy in such situations as they are small enough to fit easily within the palm of your hand.

For projects that and make use of fragile materials and require very high accuracy while punching in the nails, a headless pinner is used. They are commonly used by craftsmen who design hand made products and need to use delicate fasteners to hold the pieces together. The nails used in this kind of work are usually without a head, and make very small marks when they are punched in, so that they are hidden well from view.

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