Car Towing Equipment

Car towing equipments come in varying sizes and prices. Different towing machines have different specifications. If you are planning to buy one, you must check out for the following criteria:

• The weight capacity of the towing machine Car towing
• Its usability
• Cost factor
• The type of towing machine

You need not necessarily buy a car-towing machine. If you require it for a temporary period, you can always hire one from nearby stores. However, if you would be shifting your vehicle more than once, you can consider buying these equipments. Irrespective of the models you buy, you should make sure that your vehicle is not damaged or affected in any way. The safety aspect of your vehicle should be foremost when using such equipments.

Listed below are a few types of towing equipments you may consider:

• Car Trailer: This is also called a Flatbed. This is ideal for moving vehicles over long distances. The trailers used are extremely sturdy to withstand cars of any size and weight. It looks like a truck with a large flatbed on its rear. The vehicle is gently lifted and placed over the flatbed/trailer. This is then connected to the truck (on the rear end) and driven to the desired destination. It is a very efficient way of moving vehicles. There is very little chance of any type of damage to the vehicle.
• Flat Towing Equipments: This is called four-wheel down towing. Here, all the 4 wheels of the vehicle stay in touch with the ground. It is pulled with the help of towing equipment which is large and sturdy enough to carry the weight of the vehicle. However, this is purely meant for recreational vehicles only.
• Car Dolly: This towing machine pulls vehicles in such a way that the front two wheels are raised above the ground. The rear wheels are in contact with the ground surface while the vehicle is being towed away.


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