Colour Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Painting

When you want a new look for your kitchen but your budget does not allow for new cabinets, you can give them a facelift with kitchen cabinet paint. Painting the cabinets yourself is a less costly option and it will help you feel as if you have a new kitchen. Over time, wear and tear, as well as the grease and steam from cooking does mar the new look of cabinets and they do need to be either painted or refinished. Painted cabinets are in fashion now and in a wide variety of colors.

If you have a stain on the cabinets now, you will have to do a little preparatory work before you actually start painting. Check the cabinets to see if the doors need to be replaced or if there are pieces of wood coming off the sides that you can touch up. Take off the doors and hinges and cover the countertop and the floor with either plastic or newspaper. You don’t want to have to replace these parts of your kitchen when you finish painting the cabinets. cabinetrefacingtrends.com

Wipe all the surfaces using a clean rag and mineral spirits so that you remove the build up of grease. If it has been a long time since you cleaned your cabinets in this way, you may have to repeat the process. Apply a primer with a shellac base primer sealer. This will adhere to all types of cabinets whether you have them stained or painted and to all kinds of material. This primer will seal any knots or holes in the cabinets and dark stains or colors won’t show through the coat of paint.

Allow about two hours for the primer to dry. Then you can start painting. You will need to apply two coats of paint because the first coat will have streaks through it. You can eliminate the second coat though, if you add a tiny bit of the coloring of the paint so that the primer already contains the color you want for the cabinets.



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