Design a Banner That Converts

Advertising is an industry where “First impression is crucial”. Banner Ads are no exception to the rule. A web banner should draw curiosity, attract immediate attention, entice internet users/website passersby, and make them click on it. Your banner should have the right mix of visuals, colors, and words to stand apart from millions of others. You can also use the tips mentioned below to improve the conversion ratio of your banner ads.

1. Keep the copy short and use action-oriented words and phrases:

Words and phrases like “improve”, “increase”, “inspire”, “create”, “explore”, “discover”, “help”, “join”, “do this”, “click here”, “start here”, “read this”, and “try this” have a psychological effect. Most readers feel compelled to do what it says. Hence, you can use these words to convince customers and make them click on your banner ads.

You can also experiment with different headlines to determine the combination that results in the highest click-through rate. The ad will look cluttered if the message is too long. It will not create a desire in the user to obtain more information.

2. Design your web banner for relevant websites:
Studies have shown that targeted marketing outperforms mass marketing by a ratio of 2:1. First select the website that your prospects are visiting before you design a specific banner for the advertising campaign. Banner ads that closely mirror the website usually have the highest click-through rates. You can also experiment with stark contrast designs.

3. Reduce the graphic weight of your banner:
Try your best to keep the banner file size less than 50k (even for rotating banners). You will lose potential visitors if your banner is too heaving and takes a long time to load. Avoid flash banners because they consume a lot of resources and not supported by many mobile devices.

4. Test numerous banner design formats:

(a) Create numerous versions of your banner.

(b) Test each banner for a period of 72 hours to see which has the greatest click through rate.

(c) Use this as your control and continue to enhance your click-through rate by changing one element of the banner at a time.

(d) It is important to take a slow and deliberate approach to understand which element had the most impact (change in click-through rate)

5. Use attractive colors:

Visually appealing ads entice the users to click on them. Brightly colored advertisements get more attention than simple ones in black and white. Colors are a powerful instrument in advertising. It has a psychological (affects the way they act, feel, and think) effect on people. This is because people associate meaning with colors. It also influences their decision to buy something. Wide Roller Banner

Blue provides a peaceful, calming effect that intensifies when paired with white, green is refreshing and reminds one of nature and life, red commands you to take notice and gives out a sense of urgency, yellow and orange are colors most people associate with mouthwatering food. Bright colors attract attention while somber have the least chance to excite people. Use the right mix of colors to positively influence the reaction of internet users.

6. Bring your web banners to life with animation:

Animated banners have always outperformed static advertisement by a significant margin. This is because movement attracts people and stops them in their tracks. This buys precious time to showcase your banner. You can use techniques like blinking or movement to browser’s attention. It is advisable to not use static banners as they change only when the page is reloads.

7. Assess the performance daily:

You should check the performance of the banner (click-through/conversion ratio) after you design and post it on the website. It should be between 0.5% – 2%. You should make the necessary adjustments to the banner ad if you think that the sale has decreased. This will help you to eventually increase the business-related performance. You need to improve the conversation ratio of your banners to keep your online advertising effective.

(a) Evaluate the stats of your banner on a daily basis.

(b) Most banners show an average click-through rate of about.5%. These days a click-through rate of 2.0% is considered good (sometimes difficult to achieve).

(c) Switch to another version if your banner hasn’t produced an acceptable return rate after 3 days.

(d) Continue to optimize your banner by changing only one element at a time.

(e) Advertise on multiple sites to see which produces the highest click-through and ROI. This is because some sites generate a lot of clicks that do not lead to conversion. Therefore, it is important to reallocate your expenditure to websites that show the highest click-through rates AND sales.

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