Different Types of Wood Floor Explained

There are many ways that you can categorize wooden flooring. You can group these floors in terms of the material type, the material form and the way the floor is laid out. These are the major classes in which they can be categorized. The type of flooring that is appropriate for our homes will be based on the traffic and the level of punishment that our floor is expected to received over its lifetime. parquet wood flooring Manchester

When it comes to the wooden floor classification based on the type of wood material; the maple, walnut and oak are the most popular. There are also other types of hardwood that are used as flooring. Teak and other exotic types can also be used as flooring material. Under this category, pine wood is also included although, technically speaking, it is a softwood.

Wood floor can also be classified based on the form of the flooring material used. The types include solid wood, acrylic-impregnated and engineered. The solid wood is basically defined as such – a solid piece of timber. On the other hand, the engineered flooring is made of layers of thin pieces of hardwood. The crisscross layering of this type of material makes it a perfect option in floor conditions requiring support for more force and weight. Finally, the acrylic-impregnated type of wood flooring is a combination of acrylic and solid timber. This combination gives us a durable floor material that is able to withstand particularly heavy human traffic.

Another manner by which we can classify the wood flooring materials is by its size and the way the material is laid out on the floor. Wood floor can come in strips which are basically long pieces of wooden floor materials with widths that range from 1.5 inches up to 2.25 inches. Another type of wood floor under this category is the planks. This type of wood floor material is relatively similar to the wood strips. The only difference is that the former are wider than the latter. The last type under this category is the parquet wood flooring. These are intricate little wood pieces in alternating direction and are configured in attractive geometric patterns.

The installation method can also be the basis in classifying the wood flooring material. There are wood flooring types that are attached to the sub-flooring beneath it. This type of wood floors is affixed using staples, glue or nails. There is also another type of wood floor under this category known as the floating wood floor. This is the type of hardwood floor that is not affixed to the floor beneath it. Instead, a layer of foam underlay is placed right on top of the sub-floor and the wood pieces are laid out on top of this foam material.

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