Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Top Model?

Everyone often see different faces on billboards and on the covers of magazines; some of them we recognize, while some of them we almost immediately forget. The faces of whom we constantly see and in occasions have the opportunity to watch as they strut their stuff are the models of various products most of us use or perhaps are inclined to take fancy to the product lines of which is being endorsed. The faces we get to see ever so often are not only regular models, some of them are actually Top Models meaning they have been in the industry for quite some time and have been able to excel well at.

To most kids and adolescents, the most common dream would be to be able to strut down the catwalk and be able to endorse products and actually become a model. But the real question is, Do you have what it takes to be a top model? Before one is able to reach the high rise, one would have to start small; the same level of which each one of these models have begun their careers. There are a few factors of which one would have to consider before entering this industry; the most important factor of all would have to be honesty to one self. This means that an individual would have to be able to fairly give themselves an assessment as to their qualifications and as to which aspect of the industry they would fit best. An example is the height; if one is at least 5 foot and eight inches in height, they could be a catwalk model; however, for a female to qualify, she must have rather small breasts and must be very skinny. If one on the other hand has large breasts but has reasonably fair sized hips, then perhaps they could be an underwear model. And if none of these fit the bill, then perhaps an off cam model such as a foot, hand or even a face mopdel.

The modeling industry is highly competitive. Though the only things one from the outside would see is the notion that it is a glamorous life and is filled with much fame and fortune. Being a model is no joke; one should be able to maintain or yet, improve the way they are and make sure that nothing would drastically change. A model, especially those who are being constantly exposed, in a sense would have technically lost all their rights to be clumsy or to get injured; a simple scratch on the leg or on the arm could prove to be detrimental to this career. In some cases, gaining a single pound is treated like a disability of which one needs to recover from as quickly as possible. More than what the human body can offer, the most important factor in becoming a model, let alone a top model would be guts, confidence and loads of determination. One with a rather weak constitution may not be able to last one grueling and pressure filled day of production in this industry.


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