Global Charity Ride

I am visiting round the world on a bike in support of the charity Motorcycle Outreach and sustainable healthcare and commenced the Fuel and Maintenance Fund to help cowl gasoline, tyres and widespread maintenance prices inside the endeavour to make a difference. Hard to trust is it not, when you observe the averages and start calculating? Sadaqah Jariyah

Estimated Averages over 360 000 kilometres

Number of days 1825

Distance in keeping with Day 197 kilometres

Total hours within the saddle at 70 km in keeping with h 5140 Hours

Total Fuel in litres 22 500 Litres at average 16 km per l

Tanks of Fuel 682 at 33 l according to tank

Motorcycle Service each 10 000 km’s 36 Services

Tyres at common of 18000 km/set 20 Sets (Front and Rear)

Times across the Earth at the Equator eight.Ninety eight

Average distance to the Moon 382 500 kilometres

(Perigee – when the Moon is closest to Earth, 360 000 kilometres)

The reason for this journey is to create worldwide awareness and raise budget in assist of the charity Motorcycle Outreach which promises Medical Aid via motorbike to poor people in far flung regions of developing international locations. While this is a daunting challenge on its personal sponsors and monetary help to recognise the goals is to all intents and purposes non existent and with the modern international recession there’s no organisation or company prepared to make any financial or sponsorship commitments to assist in the attempt to make a difference. By looking at the estimated averages it is easy to understand that the expenditure to perform that is quite full-size and with the aid of creating the Fuel and Maintenance Fund we are hoping to comprehend some support in lightening the monetary burden.

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