Have a Drop in Your Affiliate Sales? Commission Theft is Here

There is a big problem that not so many affiliate marketers take notice: Customers can purchase products using their own affiliate id (replacing yours) and steal your commissions with a couple of clicks. It doesn’t matter if you are promoting ClickBank/CJ/PayDotCom Products or others. This it’s a major problem and it’s called commission theft. If you are experiencing a drop in your affiliate sales, CT could be the cause. quotada

What to do?

Fortunately, there is a technique called “Affiliate Link Cloaking” that is used to protect your commissions from being stolen. When you use an “Affiliate Link Cloaker” tool, your affiliate ID remains hidden but your commissions are still tracked.

Choosing the Right Link Cloaker

First of all, avoid free remotely hosted services. You should be able to create and upload your cloaked pages to your site. You must have 100% the control.

Second, try to buy a tool that supports dynamic conversion tracking. With Cloakers that don’t support Dynamic Conversion Tracking you will have to create and upload a page for each thing that you want to track (keywords, banners, etc).

Suppose that you want to track conversion for a single AdWords campaign with 50 keywords…You have to create and upload 50 pages! If your Cloaker supports dynamic conversion tracking, you upload a single product and done! You can track unlimited keywords, banners, etc.

Third, test if your cloaker works fine when you disable javascript. Many cloaked pages generated with bad tools won’t work fine for those users that have turned off Javascript and you can loose lots of sales due to this. That’s why it’s important to get a software that also works for those users.



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