Home Theater Screens and Equipment

When you hear the term “home theater” you probably think of big screen TV’s, DVD’s, surround sound, and popcorn. A home theater is an enjoyable pass time for anyone regardless of their taste in movies. Home theater means something different to everyone. It isn’t just about collecting equipment; it’s also about creating an adventure for you and your family within the comfort of your own home.

This is all about recreating the experience that you feel while watching a feature film at the movies. Hearing the cheers of the crowd and feeling the reverberation form the surround sound as if you were seated in a full size movie theater. Many of the people who devote themselves to creating this type of atmosphere and mood consider what they do to be art.

Digital surround sound, projection imaging and screen construction have been greatly improved to offer the greatest potential of their ability to draw you into another world. A world where you can experience an epic journey without ever needing to leave your home. This article offers a glimpse at the technological aspects that go into creating a work of art in your home. It is about making sure everything is put in its proper place to maximize your theatrical experience – the way the media creators intended it to be. linear screen

The early systems were pretty much just scaled down recreation of a conventional theater. Unfortunately, they were too expensive to complete for most. Nowadays, you too can get into the act by taking a trip to the local electronics store. Any old store will carry a broad range of projectors, screens, displays, seating, and any other equipment that you see fit.

The first big decision you’ll have to make is where you want to put your system. It’s one thing to figure out where to put a 19-inch TV set, but it’s quite another thing to think about where to setup a 8-foot screen and projector with five or more speakers, and associated audio/video equipment.

Many people are unprepared for the overwhelming power of a full blown theater system in a small home, so it’s especially important to plan if you have limited space. Defining the placement for your home theater system is a vital first step in a successful installation. If you have to fit the whole system into the corner of your living room, you’re going to have issues.

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