How to Avoid Writing Bad Checks

Not many honest, law-abiding citizens would knowingly commit fraud. Yet writing bad checks is a form of fraud when a person knows that the check may bounce.

There are only two logical reasons for anyone to write a bad check. The first is that they simply do not have enough money, and they think they can get some float on their money. The second is that they think they have the money in the bank, and it is a mistake to write the check. Of course, there are those who are engaged in criminal activity who willingly are doing something they know is totally dishonest, but most people who write bad checks probably do not do it on a regular basis. How to write a checkĀ 

Checks are to be avoided by many business establishments. It is easy to write a bad check, and it is difficult to recover the money from one. A youth group was selling fireworks as a means to earn money for their activities. They were young people who were enterprising enough (with adult leaders supervising) to try this method of earning some money. There were many sacrifices made and much time spent in this endeavor. Most of the charges were from credit cards with which they had no problems. The problems they had with payments were from large checks written for the purchases. It turned out to be completely dishonest people writing checks on accounts which had been closed. The banks could not or would not help recover the money. It was a loss of several hundred dollars to the group.

One way to avoid writing bad checks is to become better organized. Keeping one’s finances in order and knowing at all times how much money is actually available in a bank account is foremost in keeping track of finances. This will help to avoid writing bad checks by an error in judgment, which can be a bad thing for a person’s credit rating and could even cause a criminal record.

An important way to avoid writing bad checks is to have enough money so that it is not necessary to try to have a float which may not happen. These days the banks can transfer money instantly so that there is not the three or so days to get from one bank to another as had been the case in the past. Credit card charges and checks on banks can clear immediately.

This matter was no problem for Japanese Americans during World War II. They had been unjustly incarcerated in camps by their own government because they were suspected of being capable of espionage. Money was scarce, and their bank accounts were frozen. They were imprisoned and treated like criminals in some respects. Money was a problem, but writing checks was not possible.

Having enough money to not have to ever write bad checks may be possible through a home based business. There are many opportunities in MLM (multi-level marketing or network marketing) which require small start up costs, but which may be a way to earn money from home. Becoming successful and earning more money could definitely help to avoid writing bad checks.


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