How to Catch a Cheater – 4 Tests to See If Your Boyfriend is a Cheater

With the Tiger Woods case, there has been some insecurity felt by many women around the world and it might make you wonder how to catch a cheater boyfriend. There are many tests available everywhere, but do note that not everything is accurate nor does anything apply to everyone, including your boyfriend. These tests are generally classified into four different types.

Catching a Cheater Test 1: The “Hunch” Test

These tests rely on assumptions that you have regarding your boyfriend. They would usually ask you some very generic questions where answers are already prepared in advance and are to be used for everyone and anyone who is to be tested. This type of test could be highly inaccurate. If by merely making guesses the test could tell you whether your boyfriend is cheating or not, then you could rely only on your own guesses. These tests are strongly discouraged because unless you are psychic and can read your boyfriend’s mind clearly, you could find yours directly by reading his mind. Learn about how to catch a cheater

Catching a Cheater Test 2: The “Changes” Test

These tests highlight changes in your lives and make assumptions based on them. It is rather similar to the “Hunch” Tests where generic responses and prepared answered are given to people who take them and answer them in a restricted way. They look at your lives together and form a pattern with changes and possibilities of an affair. They may be accurate in that a man who is buying feminine items for no reason may be giving them to another woman, but are you certain they are not secret birthday gifts for you? Or whether his sister has made a request of him? The human mind can be very unpredictable.

Catching a Cheater Test 3: The “Professionals” Test

These tests were created by psychiatrists, counsellors and behavioural scientists. These people would analyze what information you have about your boyfriend and suggest to you what may be the situation. They tend to be more accurate compared to the previous two types of tests because the answers are personally crafted by people and they would be flexible in their assess of your situation. The problem may be that their understanding of your boyfriend, although neutral, is only one-sided. If you were to give another psychiatrist the same information, you might get a different answer.

Catching a Cheater Test 4: The “Personality” Test

This test analyzes information of your boyfriend’s personality to give you answers in the form of a measurement. Certain characteristics, when added up together, would suggest whether your boyfriend is more likely to cheat on you, or is less likely to break your trust. It does not give an outright answer whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not. This test is also similar to the first two types where their answers are also rather rigid and are prepared. An outgoing, charming and handsome man can be a womaniser but it does not mean he will be a womaniser. This test is more neutral in the sense that it only suggests to you instead of telling you what to expect.

No test is fully reliable and be strictly followed. The human mind is not always predictable and unless you are psychic or you are your boyfriend, making assumptions would not likely give you accurate answers. If you do take up these tests, consider them only as suggestions and not facts.


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