How To Choose A Dog Play Pen For Your Dog

Why Does Your Dog Need A Dog Play Pen?

Every one of us wants and needs to have our own little space. Look around you, in your office; you have your own desk, your own cubicle or your own room. In your house, you have your own bedroom, living room, kitchen etc. As such, if you were to ask your dog and if your dog could talk, he would want his own dog play pen as well.

After all, your dog is a part of your family, right? Sometimes also called a dog exercise pen; a dog play pen is an area where your dog can stay and yet feel comfortable especially when you don’t have time to interact or look after him. This is an area where he can exercise, play as well as rest. Just like your room to you, your dog playpen is the “room” to your dog. As such it will be good to give it a good thought as to the comfort of your dog before you head out to buy a dog playpen.

What To Look For In A Dog Play Pen

There are two main types of dog exercise pens or play pans – the indoor or the outdoor types. For each of these types, they also come as a fixed play pen or portable play pen. You will have to make your choice depending on your needs.

Outdoor Pens

For outdoor pens, they can come in the form of a wire mesh and a sun screen. These are normally bigger pens and even though they can be easily setup and dismantled, most people generally leave them there once it has been setup. With this type of pens, you know that your dog will be safe. curious incident of the dog in the nighttime play 

There are also outdoor pens that are made of lightweight material that allows you to easily assemble and disassemble them. This is good for trips where you can just fold up and pack the pens into your car and then set them up at your destination.

Indoor Pens

Indoor dog play pens are also very similar to the portable lightweight outdoor type. They are however normally smaller and also tends to be lighter.

what about the size of your dog? If you have a big dog, it is important to buy the right size pen for him. The material should ideally be tougher than if you have a small dog.

With both indoor and outdoor play pens, it is important that you are able to easily clean your dog play pen. Make sure you put in enough water and food for your dog; especially if you are going to be busy for a while and may not have time to look after your dog. If the pen is big enough, you can also leave the dog potty inside so as to make the cleaning up easier. Also remember to leave some toys so that you can keep your dog happy.

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