How to Promote your Company on Television News

Television is nothing without pictures. So don’t expect your exciting new product to feature on the evening news simply because you agree to an interview. Television needs more than talking heads. And you will increase your chances of positive exposure if you help the reporter assemble their story. To do that, you need to start thinking like a television reporter…

In the case of new products, reporters will want to record video images of your assembly lines. Or they may ask to film consumers sampling your new product. There’s nothing to stop you suggesting these or other ideas. The more visual the story, the more likely it is to appear on television.

Interview locations are important. Most offices are boring – with only venetian blinds and a potted plant. Suggest an interview in front of your branded reception area. For a more informal look, head to the factory floor, a sales outlet or distribution centre. To convey a more caring ‘green’ image, abandon the corporate environment and suggest an interview in a nearby park. Nigerian breaking news today

Your appearance during television interviews is extremely important. What you wear says a lot about who you are, and what you and your company represent. A modern shirt with open neck is now acceptable for men. If you must wear a suit, keep it buttoned when standing and unbuttoned when seated. Avoid a white shirt without jacket – it will drain the colour from your face. Wear new clothes – not old fashions.

Finally, be available early. Television reporters prefer to interview in the morning or early afternoon at the latest. From 2pm onwards, they need to be editing and writing their stories. (Later deadlines apply to late evening news.)


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