How to Properly Measure Windows for Curtains

Curtains can be a beautiful and versatile addition to any room in your home. However, because there are so many different styles of curtains from which to choose, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to measure the windows properly. If you’re ready to add new curtains to your home, here are some measurement tips to ensure they will fit perfectly as well as beautifully.

Choosing a Curtain Style
Before you start to measure, it can be helpful to make a few decisions about the kind of curtains you want. The length of the curtains, the desired fullness, and whether you wish to hang the curtains straight or use tiebacks can all factor into the measurements you take. Other necessary decisions include whether you wish to use sheers with your curtains, or if you want to add a window valance. Once you’ve made these decisions, you’ll be better prepared to start taking measurements.

Curtain Length
The length of the curtains can add to the overall look of the room. If you have recessed windows, curtains that just touch the sill can work nicely. Sill-length curtains can also work nicely in modern styled rooms with horizontal windows. If you prefer a below-sill length of curtains, these often look best when draped attractively with holdbacks or tiebacks. CafĂ© curtains cover only the bottom half of the window for privacy, allowing plenty of sunlight to enter the room through the top half. Floor-length curtains are generally measured so that they just barely brush the floor. However, sometimes leaving the curtains long enough so that they can “puddle” and fold on the floor can add a stylish touch, especially in areas without foot traffic. Floor-length curtains look beautiful when used with picture windows, bays and bows, French windows and sash windows.

Taking the Measurements sammetsgardiner
When measuring for curtains, you should plan on using a steel measuring tape for accuracy. Your measurements should be exact, rounded down to the nearest quarter inch. Be sure to write all measurements down carefully, making notes so that you understand what each measurement refers to. Measure each window in the room, even if they look to be the same size. Many times there are small variations in window size that are not apparent until you realize that your curtains do not fit properly. If your curtain style is designed to fall outside the window molding, be sure to start your measurements from that point. Of course, for curtain styles designed for inside the molding, you should adjust your measurement starting point accordingly. As a general rule, you will want your total curtain width to be about 2-1/2 times the measured window width, to allow for adequate fullness. If using panel curtains, it’s important to remember that they generally come in sets of two. Make sure you have enough panels so that the total combined width is about 2-1/2 times the width of the window. To measure for length, start your measurements at the top of the curtain rod, if they are already in place. Otherwise, you can simply measure starting at the top of the molding.


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