Infant Sleep Problems – How to Deal With It

Infants do sleep a lot. In fact babies need 12 to 18 hours of sleep each day but it does not necessarily mean sleeping at night or continues sleeping. They may wake up every now and then accompanied by crying. However, there are also some infant sleep problems that you have to take note in your baby.

Of course, as parents, you have to also be able to tell if your baby has infant sleep problems so you can also determine a good remedy early on. Most often, your baby’s sleeping patterns will follow a sleeping time the whole morning and being awake at night and this is normal. However, if your baby is not sleeping, there are several factors that you may need to check to rule out some infant sleep problems.

Check if he is hungry. Of course, hunger could be the reason of his unending crying or not being able to sleep. Check the last time he was fed and if he was feeling well when you last fed him. Also monitor if your baby had enough milk the last time you fed him.

Aside from being hungry, thirst can also be another thing that can lead to sleep problems. Check out if the weather is a bit warm as this may also make your baby thirsty.

Also check if your baby is not wet. This will also cause your baby some sleep problems so make sure he is dry and comfortable in his sleep. Check his sleeping environment and make sure that he there are no irritating noise that may disturb his sleeping. Keep in mind however that babies sometimes love to hear white noise while sleeping, thus you may want to check if he loves a humming sound of some appliances and if this may keep him soundly asleep.

If your baby has been screaming, and you have checked that he is not hungry, thirsty or wet, you may check if he is in pain. Check for signs of teething. This may cause him discomfort and pain and may be the reason for his crying and inability to sleep. Also check if he is feverish. SleepConnection

Sometimes, small things like soft stuffed toys and rag dolls can help her put to a deep sleep. These cuddly toys also play a major role as our baby grows as this can help him in development.

To avoid infant sleep problems, making sure that your baby is well fed, not thirsty and is comfortable in his sleeping environment are among the things that you have to check every time you put him to sleep. Most babies may need to be cradled or cuddled so he can go to sleep without problems. It is also important that you give time for your baby to wind down after an active play or some stimulating activities, so that he will also be prepared for an undistracted sleep.

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