Is a Florida Zip Code Map Part of Your Arsenal?

There are many “tricks of the trade” that you can use as a Florida real estate professional to boost your business, get organized and keep your business running smoothly. From CRM systems to referral tree charts to easily edited CMA templates, most agents do what they can to improve their time management and efficiency skills. After all, you are basically in business for yourself so it’s important to keep busy. One tool that may often be overlooked is a simple Florida zip code map, or even a county zip code map.

A Florida zip code map is simply a visual map that includes major roads, highways and landmarks, as well as zip code boundaries clearly marked and shaded. They are not nearly as cluttered as an atlas and therefore easier to read at a glance. That makes them especially useful for a new agent, or an agent new to the area who is trying to decide just how large an area to prospect and service. Individual county maps are available and show each zip code boundary, allowing an agent to see clearly which zip codes it makes sense for he or she to work.

With the rise in the cost of living, not to mention sky rocketing gas prices, agents need to be more wise than ever when it comes to financial costs. If that means shrinking down your service area, than so be it. With the Florida zip code map an agent can easily decide which areas are too far to travel to work as well as areas with high enough home values that would be worth traveling to. Considering an agent winds up spending a lot of time driving from place to place, it’s important to keep things like that in mind.

If an agent’s looking to save themselves time and gas, a Florida zip code map is an inexpensive tool that can help with both. But it really has more to do with planning and organizing your tasks than the tool itself. For example, if you will be spending the afternoon showing buyers several different properties, you’re going to want to plan your route ahead of time for several reasons. One, to save time driving around looking for the properties; two, to save yourself gas by figuring out the shortest route possible and three, so that you’re not getting lost and looking unprofessional in front of your clients. Downtown Boise

You can also use your Florida zip code map as part of your CMA presentation to easily represent locations to potential clients. Let’s face it, the more bells and whistles a presentation has, the more prospective clients are usually impressed. Since the map shows zip boundaries, it is also useful for marking off school districts in the area, and since school district is often an important criteria for a buyer, you can use it to mark off properties for sale in a buyers’ desired zip code.

Zip code maps are easy to purchase online and there’s plenty of sites to choose from. While there are free Florida zip code maps available, they’re usually small and of low quality and resolution. You can purchase one for under $20, download it immediately and manipulate and print it out as many times as you need. That way, there’s no shipping and handling fees or waiting for the map to arrive.

Whether you’re meeting with a buyer, seller, or holding an open house, there’s always a use for an easy, inexpensive tool like a Florida zip code map. Unfortunately, some agents are so wrapped up in being as technologically advanced in their approach to real estate as possible, they often overlook useful tools that seem a little more “old school.” It’s a safe bet however, that the agents’ doing the best are those using a mix of old school and new – using technology to stay organized and save time, but always remembering that no matter what, their real business is knowing how to make prospective clients like you and use you. If that means using seemingly “old” tactics like pulling out a good old fashioned Florida zip code map, well then so be it!


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