Is Revolution Money Exchange Legit?

I’ve seen this question pop up almost everywhere that Revolution Money Exchange topics exist. And who wouldn’t wonder about a site or company’s legitimacy when one of the first things it asks for upon creating a new account is your social security number? With all the consumer fraud going on, you must protect yourself before entering any valuable or sensitive personal info online.

Well, after doing some very thorough research for my own piece of mind, I discovered Revolution Money Exchange is in fact Legit. Because Revolution Money Exchange is a Member FDIC Bank, they are required, after 9/11, to request social security numbers for any new account holders. And by having an account with Revolution Money Exchange, you have an account with First Bank & Trust, Brookings, South Dakota. When you st up an account with them you should notice the Secure Server Locket (SSL) that protects your valuable information.

It’s easy to do transactions (most fee free) with Revolution Money Exchange. And after signing up and receiving your $25 bonus (before 5/15/08), or any payment, you can simply accept a check from them (for a fee) or transfer your money to your account for free. pound to naira

Now, although Revolution Money Exchange is legit, I don’t think you should conduct transactions with sellers, or do money exchanges with anyone, unless they are a trusted source. I am not sure of, or have not seen anywhere on their sites, how they plan on protecting their buyers or sellers in case of a bad transaction.

Unfortunately, there are and always will be scammers and thieves. Because of this, be sure to make sure your SSL Certificate is displayed when creating an account on the Revolution Money Exchange website. Also, watch out for any type of current or future phising emails that request your personal or user information.

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