Modeling School – 5 Posing Tips For New Models

Let me share with you five modeling poses you can practice to make you look like a professional in front of the camera. These five poses are meant to be built upon. You can use these poses as a foundation from which to build your own signature style of movement. These five modeling movements are what I have been using throughout my own modeling career and these poses work!

The first one I call “Rock The Baby.” This movement helps you look relaxed and natural when you are simply standing in front of the camera. barbizon modeling reviews
Usually people feel awkward when they don’t know what to do with their arms and hands. This pose will eliminate any awkward feeling. Think of mothers holding their babies in their arms. What do they do? They rock their baby gently back and forth. They sway from side to side. This action of swaying gently back and forth is the movement. Shift your weight from side to side. Notice how your arms, which are hanging by your side, start to swing a little. By engaging the shoulders the arms will swing out more. To begin with, keep your chin level with the floor. Relax into the swaying motion and you will look very natural simply standing in front of the camera.

The second pose is called “Keep It Wide.” This movement will keep your body from looking distorted in photos.
Sometimes when we move, one arm will bend and look shorter than the other arm, or your leg might get tucked in such a way that it looks unnatural and not like you. The way to avoid having that happen and to make nearly every shot look graphically balanced is to ‘Keep It Wide.’ Imagine you are modeling in between two pieces of glass that are perpendicular to the camera. The glass is fairly close to our body. If you move any limb too far forward, or too far back, you would hit the glass and you don’t want to do that. To avoid hitting the glass, keep movements wide and out to the side.

The third pose is called “The Ladder.” This movement is to teach you movements for your arms.
It works best for standing poses, yet can be used when seated. Imagine your torso and legs have rungs on them like a ladder. The idea is to place your hands on the different rungs. For example, your left hand is placed on your left thigh while your right hand is on your right hip. Then the right hand stays on your right hip while you move your left hand up to gently touch your left shoulder. Move each hand independently from each other in a slow rhythm and soft touches.

The fourth pose is called “Happy Hair.” Photos can look more interesting and vibrant if your hair has motion.
That is why photo studios have fans. If, for some reason, the studio does not have a fan, or you are on location yet still want your hair to come alive, here is a movement to help you do just that. Shift your weight from foot to foot with enough force so your hair begins to swing from side to side. Keep your shoulder, neck and head really contracted and tight. Be sure to face forward and not turn your head side to side. By doing so your hair will swing out far to the side and will not cover your face and stick to your lipstick. Furthermore, you can keep direct eye contact with the camera for a stunning photo.


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