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Blogging, YouTube, or Podcasters – How to Monetize your Content and Make Money

Web Hosting Tools to Overcome the Online “Similar Complex”
In general there are three things that you must do to make a living online:


  1. Build a platform
  2. Grow an audience
  3. Generate revenue


Are you ready to monetize?

Before you try and monetize a platform, the first thing that you must have is an e-mail subscriber base. Some people can generate six figures with only a few hundred subscribers and, other times, people struggle making money with many thousands of e-mail subscribers. The size of your e-mail subscriber base is not what is important, but rather having a realistic strategy is what is important. Monetizing your content and gaining freedom in your life requires a web hosting provider that offers serious online tools for your website or blog.

Best Ways to Monetize, Pros and Cons of Making Money Online
First off, everyone on the Internet is in separate camps when it comes to their money-making strategies. Many of the strategies work in some form or fashion, but in order to be successful in the long-run, you need to find out what works best for you.

1. Sponsorships and Advertising


  • Pros: If you are lucky enough and persistent enough to get a sponsor or advertiser, it could be a huge revenue windfall for you.
  • Cons: Your life now depends on that revenue windfall. If your advertiser or sponsor changes their mind, you can lose some serious revenue, which means you are out of tons of money and potentially out of business. Why? Because you no longer control your own revenue.


2. One-on-One Personal Coaching or Consulting


  • Pros: Easiest monetization strategy to start. This strategy works well in the short run and you can generate revenue quickly.
  • Cons: Trading dollars for hours and anyone who works with customers or clients knows that in this scenario, you are no longer living by your own rules or by your own schedule. With this model, there is a glass ceiling because you have a finite amount of hours of which to monetize. 정보이용료현금화


3. Affiliate deals and promoting other people and getting paid per sale


  • Pros: More potential revenue down the line
  • Cons: Lack of control. It is not 100% dependent on you.


4. Online Events or In-Person Events


  • Pros: Generate great revenue, help people, pride and a sense of accomplishment
  • Cons: This model is expensive to get started. After the event is over, it’s over. You have to constantly re-invent yourself. You can’t really sell online recordings of something that occurred ten months ago, for example, unless you have a subject or topic that is “evergreen”.


5. Your Own Products: Examples include software, an online course or information that you package up for sale, or some unique knowledge that other people will be interested in.

Options include:

a) a model in which you teach everything,

b) offer a hybrid of you teaching and a guest speaker,

c) offer a live component


  • Pros: You can do a ton of work up-front, but get paid for it over and over again without taking more of your time. It really does well as long as you are promoting it without necessarily take more of your time. You are not trading your time for money. This type of monetization strategy pays the most, which also means you need fewer customers to generate revenue.
  • Cons: Marketing and promoting a course takes time and a lot of effort. You need to wear many hats, create the product, promote, customer service, and other roles require a lot of different skills.


Launch it, sell it, close it. This model is what a lot of Internet entrepreneurs like best. Generating freedom for yourself and having the ability for people to access the course whenever they want is an awesome feeling of freedom. Your clients get everything and you, the entrepreneur, do not have to re-record everything over and over again. Evergreen is “key” to monetizing your content to freedom.

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