Music Is The Best Way To Attain Peace Of Mind

Music is one of the few activities that involve the whole brain. It is intrinsic to all cultures and can have surprising benefits not only for learning language, improving memory and focusing attention, but also for physical coordination and development.

Of course, music can be distracting if it’s too loud or too jarring. But for the most part, exposure to many kinds of music has beneficial effects:

1- Effective therapy for pain

Music can be helpful to those suffering from physical pain; studies have shown that people who listen to music that is soothing have requested less pain medication after surgery and that relaxation music can also help them manage chronic pain.

2- Reducing blood pressure

By playing recordings of relaxing music every time, people with high blood pressure can train themselves to lower their blood pressure – and keep it low. According to research reported at the American Society of Hypertension meeting in New Orleans, listening to just 30 minutes of classical, Celtic, or raga music every day may significantly reduce high blood pressure. Baby Breeze

3- Medicine for the heart

Music has been proved good for heart. Some experts even say that it can work as a medicine for your heart. When you listen to your favourite music for sufficient time it produces ‘happy’ hormones, which make you happy. Music beats also helps in improving your heart rate and in breathing a great deal.

4- Speeds Post-Stroke Recovery

Music works on the autonomic nervous system – the part of the nervous system responsible for controlling our blood pressure, heartbeat and brain function – as also the limbic system – the part of the brain that controls feelings and emotions. According to one piece of research, both these systems react sensitively to music.

When slow rhythms are played, our blood pressure and heartbeat slow down which helps us breathe more slowly, thus reducing muscle tension in our neck, shoulders, stomach and back. Experts say that apart from physical tension music also reduces psychological tension in our mind.

In other words when we feel pain, we become frightened, frustrated and angry which makes us tense up hundreds of muscles in our back. When you listen to music on a regular basis it helps the body relax physically and mentally, thus helping to relieve – and prevent – back pain.

5- Chronic headaches & migraine remedy

A new study from Austria’s General Hospital of Salzburg due to be published in The Vienna Medical Weekly Journal could hold the key to back pain. In the study, 65 patients aged between 21 and 68 with chronic back pain after back surgery were divided into two groups.

One group received standard medical care and physiotherapy. The other group also listened to music and received visualization classes for 25 minutes every day for three weeks. Results found that the group who listened to music and used imagery experienced better pain relief than the group who did not.

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