New Business Leads – The Gas That Keeps Your Business Going

Do you want to start a network marketing business? Are you already a MLM business owner?

Your business needs a constant supply of new business leads. Period. This is the lifeblood that keeps your business running.

A constant flow of new business leads

A traditional business will have a building with a product or service to sell. Their marketing focus is to bring local customers into their building, to purchase their goods or use their services. The aim is to have an unbroken supply of customers that will use the service or product.

A MLM business has no physical building. There is a company and a product. Some companies have physical products (lotions and potions or technology products) and some products are information products (training, expertise or events).

The focus of network marketing lead generation is to have a steady flow of prospects interested in the product or the MLM business opportunity. These are your business leads.

The source of new business leads

There are several sources to buy business opportunity leads and several methods that can be used to generate new business leads for your business. I have listed six of the most common below:

1. Offline marketing – types of marketing include flyers, drop cards, banner signs, outdoor signs, exhibitions, personal contact marketing, online presentations, magazine and journal ads, newspaper ads, broadcast media ads. For some types of offline marketing (flyers, banner signs, drop cards) you do some physical work or you pay someone to do it for you.

2. Offline to online marketing – this method is similar to 1 above with the exception that you direct prospects to a customized website. The website serves to inform the prospect of the business opportunity and serves as an additional screening method where people can evaluate the information in their own space and place. The prospect enters their details to request the business owner to contact them.

3. Buy leads- there are a few lead generation companies on the internet that sells leads to network marketing business owners. Most of the companies get their leads through telephone surveys or they have a website where they gather the information of people interested in starting a network marketing business. They request permission from the business opportunity seekers to find the right opportunity for them. small business leads

4. Buy genealogy lists – a genealogy lists is simply a list of distributors. Some companies sell the personal information of distributors in their networks after they go out of business. Business Owners can buy the list and market their opportunity to it. Some opportunists buy these lists and then resell them to new business owners.

5. Ad hoc online marketing – using any suggested online marketing method. This includes free listings on the various online sites, listings on job sites, pay-per-click advertising, banner advertising, article marketing, solo ads, forum marketing and social marketing like Facebook and LinkedIn. It is typical to bounce from one online marketing strategy to another in a brief period or attempting to do all of them simultaneously. These marketing methods can be used to build lead list that are in your companies’ database (meaning they do not belong exclusively to you). You have enough information to start your online marketing campaigns but not enough marketing skills to generate 10-20 leads per day consistently. In this type of marketing, you remain the hunter for new business leads.

6. Generating targeted leads using an attraction marketing strategy and online marketing system – in this marketing you learn online marketing skills from online leaders that mastered the various online marketing strategies. The focus of the marketing system is to improve your marketing skills and the value that you have to offer to the online network marketing community. The emphases is on training, acquiring real online marketing skills and using the marketing systems, lead capture pages, auto-responders and lead generation programs used by top income earners in the industry to get new business leads. With this marketing, you cannot hide behind your PC. You identify your best points and you build on them while strengthening your weak points. You force yourself to become the leader that you would like to follow.

Home business lead generation is a skill that you must master to ensure a unbroken flow of targeted new business leads that will ensure success for your business.

I will point out the best way of generating your own new business leads on autopilot using the power of the internet and powerful capture pages.

Do not miss the next article. I will discuss the pros and cons of the various home business lead generation methods. I will also give you the recommended method used by today’s industry leaders. This method will place your home business lead generation in turbo boost and ensure a steady lead flow for a healthy MLM business.

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