Ordering the Best Coffee From Wholesale Coffee Distributors

There are two basic types of coffee beans offered by wholesale coffee distributors, namely Arabica and Robusta. The two types of coffee are grown everywhere in the world, but true lovers of coffee tend to prefer Arabica beans to Robusta. Arabica beans produce a richly flavored coffee as well as the thickness which is the hallmark of a gourmet coffee. The finest coffees are usually grown at high altitudes in the tropics (the gourmet coffee plant needs cold but cannot tolerate frost), and Arabica coffee lends itself to high altitude conditions. On the other hand, Arabica beans are more difficult to grow, being more susceptible to diseases and producing smaller crops than Robusta, and therefore it is more expensive to produce than Robusta. Robusta coffee does not have as rich a flavor and thickness as Arabica coffee, but the Robusta plant is hardier and disease-resistant. Many companies mix the two types together to create their blends. best ground coffee 

To produce the best coffee, the roasted beans from the wholesale coffee distributor must be ground properly. To preserve freshness, the grinding should not be done until the coffee is ready to be brewed. There are two principal types of coffee grinders on the market, namely blade grinders and burr grinders. Blade grinders come with a propeller like blade, and do not have special settings, hence does not grind the coffee uniformly. If you want a finer grind you have to grind your coffee for a considerably longer time period. Blade grinders are all right for drip coffee, but for espresso and other specialty coffees a burr grinder is needed. Burr grinders come in two types – flat burr and conical burr. The coffee beans are drawn between the burrs and crushed to a uniform size. Burr grinders have settings which allow you to create the exact grind you want. They are sine qua non for espresso and other specialty coffee grinds.

The different ways coffee can be brewed all require different grinds. Coarse grind is used in percolators and Neapolitans; and also in stovetop coffee pots to make espresso. Medium coarse grind is used in French press and other coffee makers which have stainless steel or gold filters. Medium grind is used by drip coffee makers. Fine grind is used in espresso machines. Extra fine grind is used in old-style espresso machines and in vacuum pots.

There are three main ways of serving coffee by the pound: café, espresso and latte. A latte is a mixture of espresso with steamed milk. Cappuccino, for example, usually is made of espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk. Café Breva is cappuccino made with half and half rather than whole milk. Frappe is made with ice cream rather than milk. Mocha is a type of latte or cappuccino which has chocolate syrup mixed in. Caffe Americano is made of one shot of espresso and six ounces or more of hot water. Espresso con Panna has whipped cream mixed in. Ristretto is an intensely-flavored type of espresso made by forcing less water than usual through the ground coffee. In Lungo, on the contrary, twice as much water as usual is forced through the ground coffee.


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