Pet Grooming Is a Growing Fashion

Among the pets, dogs are the ones who are mostly groomed for the reasons of hygienic care and cleaning. The physical appearance of a dog gets enhanced. People even take a shot at entering their pets in the World Championships for the best groomed dogs.

Grooming is an essential part in the health and well-being of a dog. It can even improve its lifespan. All breeds require weekly if not daily grooming. It all depends on the breed and the age of the dog. It is also important to remember that many dogs shed their hair and there are some who do not shed at all. The ones that shed profusely need professional grooming once every couple of months.

Dog grooming is a skilled occupation that requires knowledge of the animal’s health issues, artistry and techniques of grooming with their impact on both the coat and the skin. The groomers have to be Certified Animal Hygienists and Certified Master Groomers. House Call Grooming

Why should the pets be groomed?

Pets have to be groomed for the following reasons:

• There is a reduced chance of health problems like yeast infections, thrushes, scratches and other skin ailments.
• General cleanliness and hygiene.
• While grooming, the dog’s health could also be monitored for heat boils, cuts or swelling of any kind.
• It also helps in reducing infestation of parasites, ticks and fleas.

Grooming Popularity in Japan

Pet grooming in the Japanese style has gone up in popularity all over the world in the last few decades. There are Japanese style pet grooming salons even in California. The reason why the Japanese styles of pet grooming are becoming popular is that the Japanese focus on the animal first and not just bother on whether the pet is looking cute. They come out with unique designs and rely on advanced techniques of scissoring. They also use safe pet hair dyes. Their professional groomers are skilled in understanding how the dogs feel at a particular moment so that they can put them at ease without much difficulty even in the absence of the owners, by offering a relaxing and a stress-free environment.

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