Specialized Services for Custom Designed Archive Storage Systems

Archive storage systems are important for any company be it a family owned business or a company on the Fortune 500 list. Important paperwork, document folders, product prototypes, or even external drives need to be stored in a system that will provide all the requirements of safe storage as well as easy retrieval when needed.

As each company’s needs are different, storage solution providers offer custom designed archive storage systems that will meet specific requirements. While this sounds quite simple, it is actually quite a difficult task. Today, companies conduct an extensive amount of research to provide the best solutions for their customers. Storage solution providers have been known to conduct research on:


  • Location sites using surveys
  • Customized AutoCAD designs
  • Variations of layout concepts
  • Structural engineering
  • Seismic engineering services
  • Project management and installation
  • Strategically located regional plants for faster production and delivery


Such extensive research has helped storage solution providers to create and offer their clients a range of specialized services to meet specific storage requirements of each company.


    • Options for Product Construction: Depending on the type of company and its products and services, storage solution providers offer different types of racks, and shelves in various shapes and sizes. Taking into account factors like geographical locations, industry, etc., the storage racks and shelves are designed using specific materials such as stainless steel, aluminum for the racks and bolts. Powder coated finishes are applied to help in the longevity of the product as well as prevention of rust and corrosion.
    • Custom Display Racks: A few companies prefer to have open ended or display racks in their archive centre, as they allow for easier retrieval and storage. Custom display racks also help to create easier processes when it comes to cataloging and filing. These racks can also be color coordinated to help the customer designate storage racks for specific types of files. archive storage
    • Catwalk Systems: As companies grow, their storage capabilities have to grow as well. When companies choose to expand the size of their storage warehouse, various other systems have to be added to the present one. For this reason, many storage solution providers offer catwalk archive storage systems. These systems allow the manager to easily travel within the warehouse to find the required materials. One can easily find providers who offer customized rack catwalk systems and shelved catwalk systems.
    • Storage Mezzanines: These are an economical method to create floor space in the existing warehouse. They can be designed in such a manner that you travel through the warehouse without any hindrances, save on space, and store important archived materials. The advantage of mezzanines is that they can also be used to incorporate other warehouse essentials such as:
      • Access for warehouse personnel
      • Access stairwells
      • Safety and security gates within the warehouse
      • Safety railings
      • Vertical reciprocating conveyors
      • Loading zones


    • Protection from Natural Disasters: Though it may not be considered an extremely vital point, protection from natural disasters such as seismic activities, tornadoes, floods, etc. is an important factor to consider when designing your custom archive storage system. To ensure that they leave no stone unturned, storage solution providers provide products such as fire resistant cabinets and critical file rooms specifically designed to protect vital documents.
  • Services for Off-Site Storage: In many situations, companies feel that the best solution is to have a separate off-site storage facility. Storage solution providers can help to find the ideal location, which will meet all the safety and storage requirements, along with close proximity with the main office.

To cater to the needs of the ever changing storage requirements of clients, storage solution providers are enhancing their product range as well creating secondary services to become one stop shops for custom designed archive storage systems.

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