Steel Lockers – The Most Economical Locker Solution

For the safety of your belongings there are many locker solutions in the market. All around the world, so many industries and manufacturers are engaged in the production and sales of varied kind of lockers. Lockers are very essential to keep your personal and valuable possessions which you can’t keep in home. This gives a level of satisfaction and relief that your things are safe and secure. But for such relief it is very necessary that lockers are authentic enough. They should be highly durable with strength.

Among the type of lockers, most used ones are steel lockers. These lockers are the most economical solution to be used in schools, gyms, parks, offices, industries, banks etc. These are available in wide varieties with high durability, reliability and over all value. For industrial applications a thickness of around 16 gauges is essential in locker manufacturing.

The different characteristics of a steel lockers first of all includes the bank size i.e. wideness of a locker including all lockers in that line. The total number of lockers in one system is bank size multiplied by the number of tiers. Tiers mean the story in a locker. Lockers are stacked one upon the other to form one, two, and three up to eight tier system. This is done to increase the space and quantity of lockers. Moreover this gives a neat look to the whole system. Locking facility in any locker may be of key locking type or padlocking facility. The different options in key locking are the flush  locks, cam locks and locks in rotating handle while pad locking includes a simple hasp and a staple. locker price in bd

Generally the width, depth and height of lockers are fixed i.e. they are found in certain specific dimensions. But if one wants to order for a particular size fitting their rooms, they can be manufactured by industries. In steel lockers, colors are very specific and range from metallic grey, metallic green, black or silvery white. But now days some more color option has been added to these lockers. Steel lockers for the casual purposes are made from the steel with a thickness of.8 mm but for security and heavy duty purposes steel of minimum 1.2 mm thickness are used to increase the strength. Closed based kits are used in the underneath area of lockers to give them a neat appearance and do not allow the dirt and dust accumulate under the open spaces. For the similar purpose tops of lockers are kept somewhat sloped so that garbage collected here can fall down easily.

Steel lockers are the most economical locker solution as they are available in wide range of prices. They are affordable by every class of individual and have wide application in all areas of life. Due to the complexity in locking systems and doors, a different door less design is introducing in lockers. These have a cylinder which rotates around to open and then get fixed in housing to close again. In some state of United States of America, use of lockers has been abolished due to the security concerns. In schools children use these lockers to hide contraband items like drugs, weapons or pornographic items.

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