Student Houses to Rent and The Cost Involved

When you are looking for student houses to rent you need to do a lot of research. Not all houses will be the same and not all of them will charge the same. It won’t be just the monthly rent that has to be considered but there will be other costs you will have to bear. Sometimes before you are accepted as a tenant there will be the need for the landlord to be sure that they are getting the tenant they want. You may be worried about the contract but they can be as well. Landlords will have been messed around in the past and do not want to take the risk again.

There will be a number of paid for checks that they need to make and this will start when they make a credit check and in some cases a CRB – Criminal Records Bureau check – and the bill will start from there. It may help if you provide your own CRB check as that will then make it difficult for the landlord to charge you too much for the service. Many times there will be an administration charge and this again need to be discussed, as often it becomes £100s for very little work. If you ask to see the list, it will be possible to query a number of them and the landlord may bring them down.

If you feel that the landlord is not being fair with the charges, it may be best to then look elsewhere. It would also help if this was reported back to your university as it will prevent others being overcharged. One final fee that has been creeping in some places is agents charging for taking a student to see the property. This is not allowed and it should not be paid. Depending on the circumstances there may be the chance to pay less rent. You would not buy a house without trying to get a discount. So, why rent one without trying? When the interest rate is low on the mortgage there is no need to pay more than a fair amount towards it. student houses in lancaster

When it comes to repairs, do not forget the landlord is responsible unless you are the person who caused the damage. If you are going to be sharing a house you need to be able to trust the people, as it is possible for the landlord to charge individuals for debts left by other tenants. It is also likely that they will want parents to act as a guarantor in case there is a problem. When signing you will be promising 12 months’ rent even though the academic year is just 9 months. If you can negotiate a shorter contract then do so. Also check where the deposit is being stored as a landlord has a legal obligation to keep it somewhere safe. This is going to be an expensive year, so do all you can to keep costs down.

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