Symbols of Professional Women – Glasses

Liz Lemon, the character is a writer. Tina Fey, the scripter, also writes things. The two images of the two ladies have something in common. Glasses! They are both wearing glasses. Also they used their glasses in different ways according to the occasions. buy glasses online

Have still remember the hot comedy TV series that has won the Emmy Award— 30 Rock? I think besides the interesting plot of the story itself, the living characters have amused us greatly. Of course, in the leading part, here is our lovely heroic – Liz Lemon, the actress of whom is also the scripter of the play – Tina Fey. Now let’s talk about the role Tina Fey is playing in the TV series – Liz Lemon who is doing the similar job as Tina herself. Liz is the head writer of the sketch comedy show TGS with Tracy Jordan who is always busy with not only the writing thing itself but also a lot of related affairs.

We could regard Liz Lemon as a relatively business modern women who could easily feed herself and live happily sometimes even alone. The condition is even more like what a business woman is like during the process of the story when Liz is working around with new troubles and being praised by her boss. In the play, Liz is always wearing a pair of glasses with frames. She is not wearing the glasses only when she needs to attend a party or wear some kind of clothes that are not suitable for the glasses.

As for her glasses, by wearing them on, Liz Lemon looks more professional and more like an independent modern lady. We might call glasses like what Liz or even the scripter Tina herself is wearing symbols of professional women. Since as the fast speed of the development of science and technology, more and more children are becoming to wear glasses when they are relatively young at school. Often during the whole time of studying, they are wearing glasses. As a result, a number of them choose to keep their glasses on when they start to work, which might just be the case of Liz.

Business women with glasses always put their glasses on when the time of signing some important documents in formal occasions. In this way, they would make themselves look more professional even most of the regular time, they are without glasses. Like Liz Lemon or Tina Fey herself, dressed up with glasses is really a good choice for modern ladies.


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