The BEST Supplements for Your Immune System

The Amazing Human Body

The iImmune system is a truly amazing system. Research has revealed that it has a number of miracles that humans are unable to understand or replicate despite the advanced technology currently available.

The body has about 100 trillion cells that make up all the organs, bones, muscles, tissue, eyes, skin and the other body components. About 8 million cells die every second and are replaced by new cells, constantly revitalising the body. These trillions of cells carry out millions, if not billions of complex activities every second of every moment of your life, regardless if you are awake or asleep. The body is an “electric machine” that triggers these activities primarily through enzymes that carry out complex chemical reactions which can identify and instantaneously communicate with, and control every single friendly cell in your body. This is far more powerful and intelligent than any known computer that exists today.

The Miracle of the Immune System

If the human body didn’t have an “Immune System” we would have to permanently live in a germ-free sealed plastic tent, or we would die within a few days.

No matter where you live, we are all surrounded and attacked by microorganisms or microforms. If these pathogenic microbes get into our bodies they create the ideal environment for disease. As Robert Young Ph.D. a leading microbiologist and nutritionist says, “We are living in a plague of “microforms” including yeasts, fungus and moulds as well as bacteria and viruses.” These microforms attack our cells and produce poisonous acidic waste in the body that affects healthy cells resulting in various diseases.

So how does the body protect us from these foreign invaders and the resulting diseases?

The Body’s “Defence Force”

To help you understand the vast complexities of the amazing Miracle of the Immune System and the extraordinary events that take place continuously in our bodies, to prevent the invaders from causing disease, this short summary has simplified the complexities by likening the bodies “Immune System” to a well organised, mobile, extremely disciplined, highly intelligent and efficient “Defence Force.”

The “Defence Force’s” mission is to protect the body at all times, by preventing invaders (antigens) from crossing the front line, or eliminating those that manage to get into the body.

Invaders primarily enter the body through the food we eat, what we drink and what we breathe in, however they can also enter through the skin, eyes, ears, nose and mouth. This means that our “Defence Force” must be alert at all times, guarding all these and other areas of the body. It is estimated that there are about 1 trillion cells in the “Defence Force”.

But where do the “Defence Force” warriors come from and how do they get trained to understand the difference between friendly cells and foreign invader cells that are harming the body?

The Immune System “Production Centres” Private Label Capsules

It all starts in the “Bone Marrow.” This factory continuously produces a variety of different cells from stem cells, all with their own specific roles and control mechanisms. These include the trillions of immune system “warriors” of which there are 2 main groups consisting of 8 main “fighting” groups. The first line of defence are the foot soldiers (phagocytes and macrophages), and the real fighting heroes are the B-Cells, T-Cells and Natural Killer (NK) Cells (lymphocytes).

Then we have the “Training Academy.” The Thymus, perceived to be an unintelligent chunk of meat, which trains trillions of Immune Cells (lymphocytes), which are so small they are invisible to the naked eye, and have no known intelligence in them, to identify millions of different cell types and foreign invaders (antigens) in the body. What’s even more incredible, is that these cells can identify every friendly cell and the “identity” of each of the invaders, and create a specific weapon (antibody) to eliminate each specific invader. Then they store that information so that if ever that invader type is identified again it will immediately be wiped out. This is the reason you only get certain diseases once, like mumps, measles and chicken pox. Research has shown that the immune systems weapons factory (B Cells) can create and memorise over 1 million different antibodies for specific invaders. Where do they get this information from? – no one knows! Remember many of these cells only live for a short while, so this information has to be continually passed on to new cells. This is absolutely miraculous, as only “if” a cell has “consciousness”, “memory” and the power of “reasoning” can it be capable of processing and communicating this data. Man has not yet been able to fathom out how this works yet!

Then there is the versatile Spleen. Bone marrow only comes into production once a baby is born, so to protect the baby from antigens while in the womb, the Spleen produces all of the required Immune warriors. Once the baby is born the Bone Marrow starts producing and the Spleen primarily controls the deployment of the Immune warriors to the various places that they continuously patrol, like the blood stream, Lymphatic system, salivary glands, joints and tonsils, looking to identify foreign invaders. If at any time there is an immune response that requires massive numbers of warriors, then the Spleen will help out and produce the additional warriors required. Imagine all of the instantaneous communications required between these millions of cells to control these immune responses and ensuing battles.

Then the last production centre, but one of the most important and miraculous, is the Lymph Nodes. The Lymphatic System, a key part of the Immune System, is larger than the blood stream, with lymphatic vessels reaching all tissues and cells in every part of the body. The Lymphatic System has a “Police Force” patrolling the entire body, with a “Police Intelligence” group gathering and storing information about cells and invaders.

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