The Colorado Manufactured Home – Your Piece Of Perfection

The Rocky Mountain State, Colorado, is home to such spectacular natural beauty that US President Theodore Roosevelt, as a passenger traveling to Cripple Creek on the Short Line Railroad, once said, “This is the ride that bankrupts the English language.”

And for those who would like to own a home in the middle of the kind of scenery which bankrupts the English language, without bankrupting themselves, a Colorado manufactured home may be the answer. A Colorado manufactured home is one which has been prefabricated in a factory, and then shipped in sections to its permanent Colorado location for assembly; its decreased construction time can mean big savings for its owner. modular homes colorado

Standards For Manufactured Homes
Colorado manufactured homes, like those built in the rest of the US, are subject to stringent Federal and state regulations, and municipal zoning and code restrictions. Even prefabricated homes which are manufactured in other parts of the US, if they are to be constructed n Colorado, must meet all the Colorado building codes.

Because of climactic differenced among the various regions of the US, all manufactured homes must be capable of withstanding a wide variety of weathers. Manufactured homes in the Midwest, for example, may have to survive severe thunderstorms; those in the South may be facing hurricane winds and rains. There is earthquake danger on the Pacific Coast.

No manufactured home can be assembled in any of those areas unless it meets the codes of the municipality where it is to be located. In Colorado, Colorado manufactured homes must be able to tolerated heavy snow loads on their roofs. The standards for Colorado manufactured homes are identical to those for Colorado stick homes.

Anyone considering constructing a Colorado manufactured home needs to research the easements on his or her lot required before selecting a manufactured home. The lot on which the home will be permanently situated has to be large enough to accommodate the Colorado manufactured home, any outbuildings which the homeowner wishes to build, and the easements.

The Energy Efficiency Issue
Colorado winters can be harsh, and Colorado manufactured homes [] need to be able to handle the cold. But manufactured homes, because they are engineered so that their sections fit together with all the precision technology can provide, are remarkably energy-efficient, preventing air from either entering or escaping. Your winters will be toastier than you might think possible inside your Colorado manufactured home.

So don’t be afraid to order a Colorado manufactured home with as many windows as you like, so that you can drink in the scenery that “bankrupts the English language” to your heart’s content!

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