The Lowdown on Self-Motivation Books

A quick visit to the bookstore and you may notice many books that claim to be written by experts on “self-motivation”. A quick swipe of your VISA, an afternoon spent devouring in the content – and magic – all of your problems in love, money and life satisfaction will be solved. Not so easy, as the book will also claim that not all candidates will experience the same success.

These authors offer sound advice proven through past strategies, and reach out to those wanting personal improvement and the end to the quest for happiness that has been buried within them for years. The advice within their books is generally sound, time-honored advice that has been passed down through the ages, using modern examples and references to recent psychological studies. Some authors also throw in useful techniques for time management and social interaction. But it takes these techniques and implementing them into your life that works – I mean really implementing them. You have to stay motivated and work at it. With that in mind, before you go out and buy any books, here’s what you can expect to learn.

The first general piece of advice for a self-motivated thinker is to take intentions and find a way to turn them into an action. Find that action you desire and bootstrap that action into the desire to accomplish your intentions. Some people accomplish this through three key areas: motivational books for women

1. Visualization – or creating a strong mental picture of being a self-motivated individual accomplishing the task.

2. Mantra – or a special phrase which encapsulates you, the self-motivator, to desire success. The key to mantra is to repeat, repeat, and repeat – until it is engrained.

3. Self-hypnosis – a complicated technique which involves the suppression of conscious thought through self-willed distraction. Using a state of trance to embed the desire for success within the subconscious.

Of course, the above suggestions aren’t always easy – but some further advice will help you along the way. Another component of self-motivation, which is written about time and time again, is expectation management. Put it this way, our motivation becomes stronger when we perceive success, and becomes weaker when we perceive failure. Therefore, as self-motivators, it is important to set realistic, attainable goals that can be met, which will in turn, bolster confidence for attaining later goals.

Goal setting is a key to success, but so is careful planning. Taking time to make a plan manages expectations, as it becomes more obvious what is possible and attainable for you. Good self-motivation books also sneak in general advice for success – realizing that any success, big or small, will boost confidence and encourage people to strive for more.

Pieces of advice, guides and rules to accomplishing all of the above are displayed in many of the books. But, if they don’t explain the next step -you might as well forget it all. A good self-motivator knows that rewards are a must. Every time success is found, you must reward it. While some jobs may seem nearly impossible, finding the “fun” in the situation will help along the way. Also remember that you shouldn’t beat yourself up after failure – we won’t always succeed, it’s important that we realize where we went wrong and recognize that we tried our best. Staying positive and keeping your spirits up is the core of self-motivation.

The moral of the story, or shall I say self-motivation books, is as follows: if you believe you can do it, and you think about it often, then you will do it. If you remember to stay focused and program your brain to function the way you want – like that of a computer – that anything can be possible. The techniques written within self-motivation books will change but the concepts will remain the same. Take the opportunity to find an author that suits you, read what they have to say. But remember one thing, you have to implement the techniques and work at it, success isn’t an overnight accomplishment, no matter how strong your self-motivation is.


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