The Manufacturers of Sticker Impressions

There are different kinds of stickers and labels that are widely used for a variety of reasons. This is probably one of the most commonly found means of advertisement and publicity for a variety of products or commodity brands that are available at competitive rate.

Stickers are also used for labelling purposes. There are various official and educational reasons for which stickers prove to be convenient to use.

Here are some of the common uses of stickers.


  • They are commonly used for brand promotions and publicity.
  • Stickers are also used as a regular means of advertisement.
  • Label stickers are used for a variety of purposes like marking files and books or shelves in educational institutions and offices.
  • Label stickers are used for product branding and description of consumer goods, food products and medicines.
  • Labels stickers are used on fabrics and textiles to denote their quality and ratio of blends.
  • There are vinyl graphics stickers that are used for car registration numbers and details of car services. These sticker labels can be attached to the inside of the windowpanes of any car. There are also water resistant labels that are also used on cars for promotional reasons and can be attached anywhere.
  • Labels stickers are also found on electronic goods and appliances that give instructions or information about certain main features of the product.


Sticker Manufacturers

The business of sticker manufacturing is one that involves a great deal of artistic bend. This is a form of art that can be innovated in several ways for modern usages.

There are several label stickers manufacturers in different countries of the world that have forayed in commercial production of different kind of stickers. They even take orders from individual companies and make customized sticker labels of different kinds to suit different purposes. dymo label

Different Types of Sticker Labels

There are different types of stickers that are manufactured. The types are, to an extent, decided by the reason of usage. Apart from several shapes like square, rectangle, oval and circular, there are also different methods employed in their making.

Here are some of the different types of sticker labels.


  • Vinyl Graphics – These are usually decorative and brightly made stickers that are also very attractive in looks and appeal.
  • Domed Labels – These are digitally or screen printed labels that are made with a polyurethane coating on their surface. The nature of the adhesive in this type of sticker is pressure sensitive. Domed stickers have a 3 dimensional effect that gives them an enhanced look. This is used mainly for product identification by the makers of appliances and other consumer products.
  • Decals – Sticker decals are a cost effective and ideal way of promotions and circulations through sticker art. These stickers are long lasting and resistant to different weather conditions.




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