The Snake Keeper’s Checklist – Before You Bring Your Snake Home

Snakes are becoming increasingly popular as a type of pet. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, there’s a lot more care and keeping information available these days, which makes for healthier snakes and happier keepers.

The reptile industry as a whole has also come along way. Once viewed as a weird subculture, the act of keeping snakes and other reptiles as pets is now approaching the “mainstream.” As a result, the industry has become a lot more organized and professional. reptile expo

But before you bring your first snake home to keep as a pet, there are certain things you should know and do. Here’s a checklist of some of the most important actions:

Checklist – Before Purchasing a Pet Snake

  • Research your state’s laws regarding reptiles in general and your chosen type of snake in particular. Every state is different with regard to what they allow as pets.
  • Create a list of eight to ten breeders who produce the type of snake you want. Seek a captive-bred specimen and avoid wild-caught specimens. The animal will likely be healthier as a result.
  • Start researching reptile shows and make a list of those within driving distance of where you live. These shows are a great place to obtain healthy specimens.
  • Contact breeders to find out about the shows they attend, snake availability, shipping procedures, etc. Record this information in a notebook for future reference.
  • Use the Internet to gather some care sheets about the species you want. If you can find one, read a book about that species as well. You should know as much as possible about the care and keeping of your snake species.
  • Using the information you’ve gathered as a guide, start preparing your snake’s habitat (cage, heating, lighting, etc.).
  • Obtain a food supply (frozen rodents) or a reliable food source (live rodents).
  • Finish your pet’s habitat, paying particular attention to temperature and humidity.
  • Purchase your snake and introduce it into its new habitat. Leave it alone for a few days so it can adjust to the new surroundings.
  • Get help from experienced keepers when needed. Join some snake forums for this purpose. For starters, check out the care and keeping forums at Kingsnake.com.

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