The Wine Bars Of Venice

Following my disappointing experience and review on the 3rd May, 2011, I was invited back to Doris’s Diner and Wine Bar in Glebe, Sydney for a second culinary experience. Whilst my expectations were not going to be too high, I was definitely open minded on the event and hoping to be proved wrong and the that initial experience was a one-off event.

As with previous visits, Doris was extremely welcoming at the trendy venue. Upon taking your coat, she always talks politely about “umm” anything and “umm” everything, putting yourself at ease in the relaxed atmosphere. 호빠

My table for the evening was situated right next to the kitchen which was a little disappointing to say the least, and the pepper shaker was broken, which is something that I would not expect from a high class establishment. Given that I like my pepper, I was forced to dismantle the device and repair it for commercial use.

Unlike my previous posting suggests, I have to give credit where credit is due and am pleased to report that the Margarita’s served at Doris’s Diner and Wine Bar are of an extremely high quality. They are made with sophisticated tequilas and served to perfection in a tall glass complete with salt.

The table olives were simply sensational and these were followed by some rather unusual but tasty rock oysters filled with vodka and chilli – a combination which, to my surprise, tasted very good.

The main course was a fine fish pie with seasoned vegetables which was cooked to perfection. The lemon sauce added that extra ingredient to make the dish something extra special.

As with my previous visit, I was still concerned by the high furniture, and this particular stay was made worse by the fact that the wooden backrest squeaked uncontrollably with any regular movements. The door to the bathroom was now fixed following my previous review and I was pleased that towels were also available on this occasion.

Doris was on fine form over the course of the evening and, if I didn’t know better, could have sworn that she was also joining me on some of the margarita’s from the kitchen. I did go out to the kitchen on a number of occasions and was drafted into the cleaning up of the dishes at one point during the evening.

Overall, this was a significantly better trip to Doris’s Diner and Wine bar and Glebe. The food was of an extremely pleasant standard and I would upgrade my opinion to a recommend if I were to experience many more evenings such as this.


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