Top Six Free Online Tools a Digital Content Writer Should Use

Whether you are a budding writer or a veteran trying to craft an evergreen piece of art there are various kinds of free online tools that you could use.

Let’s have a quick-look at the top six free utility based online tools for writers:

Dropbox – This free service allows users to store up to 2GB worth of data on a folder. With a multiple number of word documents and edited versions become a common feature in the life of a writer, this tool is an excellent way to maintain consolidated files within groups of people. Whether you are freelancing or working within a company, this folder is easily shared with clients, colleagues and other stakeholders allowing participants to get access to information on the go. Available on PCs as well as smart phones, this surprisingly prompt to configure tool is rather convenient to use. Online tool

Red Room – It is considered as a social network primarily for writers who can maintain pages and get acquainted with their readers. This is packed with various kinds of blogs, videos, events and essays. The intoxication of Red Room increases with your access to it. The more you access, the more engaged you would feel.

Evernote – Evernote is one such effective online tool that allows users to take notes as well as clip some parts of certain websites from the computer. This can be used even in case you want to use it through a cell phone. Another feature about Evernote is that it has unique search tool which makes it easier for the user to source photographs or notes from the desktop.

The Imagination Prompt Generator – This is a right type of inspirational tool for writers who are at times faced with problems like writer’s block. You can find a solution to such kinds of writing obstructions by making use of online prompts of ideas. All you need to do is to click through imagination prompt generator and generate various ideas to your set of questions like “Whether God exists?” or “If your pet could speak to you?”

EssentialPIM – This is yet another important tool for content writers to manage their events, notes, to-do lists, writing ideas and reviews. This acts like a comprehensive tool that plays a multi-functional role of syncing up your writings with an iPod, or Palm device or even for that matter with Google Calendar Outlook.

Google Calendar – Google Calender is where a writer can share events. Whether it is your editor or some partners, you can share information or zero in on an event with an online calendar. This works well with other productivity as well as CRM tools. Here the events are stored online, and they can be viewed from any location that has an internet access. This is basically promotes sharing and collaboration amongst groups.

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