Top Ten Tips for Safer Use of Caffeine Pills

Generally it has been seen that caffeine pills may give adverse effect, when taken without proper care and caution. Therefore, it is recommended that if one wants to get desired results of any pills, it should be taken in proper time and proper dosages, and the same thing happens with caffeine pills too. If one doesn’t know at what time it has to be taken and in how many dosages and thus start using in an improper way, then these pills can give opposite results. So, here are some general methods of taking caffeine pills:

1. At the outset, it is necessary to use it very carefully. caffeine pills amazon

2. One should drink no less than 8 glasses of water throughout the day, because caffeine can create diuretic problems in the body.

3. If one takes caffeine pills after evening, it can afflict one with insomnia. So, for getting the best results, it is better to take in the morning.

4. Caffeine pills prevent the human body from making use of the available calcium in a proper way. Therefore, it is required to take more calcium in order to prevent any related problems.

5. It is necessary to check the pulse rate, while using the caffeine pills and it should not be more than eighty-six beats a minute. But if it crosses 90, then one should stop using it.

6. To avoid headaches and irritability, it is required to be tapered very slowly.

7. It is recommended not to substitute the Caffeine pills for the sleep of the night. Night sleeps can never be substituted.

8. Caffeine pills are prohibited during the period of pregnancy. It has been seen that the intake of caffeine may lead to miscarriage.

9. Caffeine has been discovered as a major constituent in those analgesics which have phenacetin and aspirin. So, getting through the labels of the analgesics essential for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

10. While one is using anti-coagulants or MAO inhibitors, it is better to contact a doctor before taking caffeine pills. Apart from them, those people who are inflicted with cardiac problems, B.P., or below 18 also advised to avoid the intake of these caffeine pills.



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