Types of GPS Trackers

A GPS tracker, which is an acronym for Global Positioning System tracking device, is used for determining the exact location of a vehicle, person or an object to which it has been attached against a map of that locality either in real time or through a recording accomplished with the help of a customized software package. Geo trackers are divided into three main categories namely data loggers, data pushers and data pullers. android gps tracker spy 

A GPS data logger is designed in such a way that it is meant to log the position of the GPS tracker device at regular intervals of time within its internal memory which is usually in form of a memory card slot, an internal flash memory or a USB port. Some GPS loggers function as USB flash drives as well wherein the track log data can be downloaded into a computer and subjected to further analysis. This variety of the GPS-tracker is normally used in private investigation case wherein it is possible for one to keep track of a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles without venturing too close to the suspect.

A GPS data pusher, also known as the GPS-beacon, is a device which conveys the position to a pre-determined server at regular intervals where it can be further analyzed. Due to their cost effective nature, these devices are widely utilized in business environments like commercial fleets for transmitting location as well as data at regular intervals including updates. This Geo tracker device has a number of applications in areas like law enforcement, espionage, and race control, animal control, searching for stolen vehicles or for simply having fun on the internet.

A GPS tracker data puller, also known as a transponder, is always switched to the on mode and hence can be checked upon as frequently as possible. Although their use is not as widespread, they are becoming popular when combined with a cell phone to send across a message along with the location of the user.

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