Understanding Your PC Cables And Connection Types

Cable modems are electronic gadgets that operate as a gateway to the ‘world wide web’ through the use of cable TV networks.  These devices are commonly utilized in broadband connection which consumes the available bandwidth in your cable television network.

There is a lot of industry that offers internet connection services with the subscription of your cable.  However, the greatest problem associated with this is the low speed internet access.  This is because modems use a single cable line, therefore, it follows that the simultaneous use of computers linked to the modem slows down the connection.  However, modems provide a fairly decent speed as compared to the regular dial-up ones.

Cable modems come in three different forms.  There is the internal modem which is typically for use by desktop computers.  It is a form of a PCI bus card which is an add-in for your personal computers.  Another type is the external modem.  It is by and large a small box with two (2) cable connections, one of which is for the wall outlet, while the other is for the computer through a regular Ethernet card.  On the other hand, there is also what we call a set-top box cable modem.  Through the use of a standard telephone system, set-top box modem provides return channel. cable bus

How it works?  Well, unlike regular modems which connect your computer to the internet by the use of a telephone line to hook up with another modem, cable modems are different.  Your computer is connected to the internet through a modem, which translates the packets of network data and information over the cable channels, affecting a transfer of the network information back and forth.  Also, unlike the regular modems which require a dial-up before you can connect the internet, modems allow your computer to be connected with the internet at all times.  This means that if you turn your computer on, you are automatically connected.  You need not manually connect thru the phone line.

With a lot of modems provider in the market, you can choose among a wide variety of cable modem products.  Some of the companies which manufacture cable modems include Toshiba, Motorola, New Media Communications, Zenith and Hybrid Networks to name a few.  These are normally offered in the market at with diverse value.  But it is best to get a cable modem that will operate and perform well with your particular internet service provider.


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