Wall Painting Ideas to Dazzle Up Your Abode

The definition of wall painting has changed to the core with new and innovative ideas, designs and concepts coming into the picture. If you are still stuck on to the idea of plain paints and simple brushes for your home painting job then you need to update yourself. If you are planning to paint your home walls then before going ahead consider opting for any of the below mentioned ideas and we are sure wall painting will never be the same for you. Relius verf

Painting techniques: If you thought just dipping a brush in paint and painting walls was the only way wall painting can be done for homes, and then you are wrong. There are numerous ways to paint walls using special techniques developed by experts. You can consider the technique of sponging; this method involves painting walls with the help of a sponge which later gives a very interesting look to the painted surface. The paint reaches the walls through the pores of the sponge and gives a unique touch to the walls. There are easy ways of getting this effect done over the walls which will take less time and effort. But if you love the hand-made art you will take the extra effort and get the real sponging effect which will surely make heads turn.

Complementary colours: Use of complementary colours within home walls can add a fresh look to it. Plain coloured walls tend to look dull and boring after sometime, to avoid this it is best to paint them with two complementary hues. If you are painting a portion of wall in any room with yellow paint which is a bright colour, you can create a balance within the room by painting it with the colour purple. Complementary colours are those which are exactly opposite to each other within the colour chart. To understand this concept better you can refer to a colour wheel and yourself decide which paint hues would suit your home walls in the best possible manner.

Wall painting is the opportunity for home owners where they can bring out their creative best. Home means peace, tranquility and a lot more to every individual and giving it all the attention that it deserves can be done in the best way while painting it. With little efforts and research work you can make your abode look like a magnum opus which to your surprise will not even be a costly affair. Using the apt software you can get to know how the paint hue you selected from the colour chart will appear on your home walls well in advance. Painting homes thus has become a question of personal taste and you can create magic out of it.


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