Weightlifting at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics

A current item approximately Fiji sports suggested at the excitement in that kingdom over the invitation prolonged by means of the IOC to their weightlifters for participation in the first Summer Youth Olympic Games on the way to be conducted in Singapore from August 14 to 26th, 2010. Since I wasn’t acquainted with the qualifying manner I undertook a few research so that the readers could understand the manner and what this might suggest in phrases of the present world order of weightlifting. Click here for more

Next yr’s event in Singapore might be the inaugural event for the young people of the arena. Actually that is plenty greater consistent with the Baron de Coubertin’s unique imaginative and prescient of the cutting-edge Olympics. He in the beginning proposed that the occasion be a coming collectively of the young people of the world (adult experts were excluded) inside the desire that they could shape international friendships that would final as they lower back to their respective homelands and took up positions of countrywide management. This, he proposed, could lead to the development of more international international relations and global peace.

The Summer Youth Olympics may also serve as a vehicle to preserve up worldwide hobby inside the Olympic movement as there may be truely a few waning of interest at some stage in the 4 years between Games. This competition might be limited to athletes from a very narrow age variety, the youngest being those born in 1995 to the oldest who have been born in 1992. Each sport may also further limit, but no longer increase that variety. The overall number of competitors will be 3594 unfold at some stage in 28 already generic Olympic sports. This is extensively much less than the approximately 10,000 athletes which can be anticipated for each Olympic Games.

A hundred and ten of those slots will be given over to weightlifting. The range of birthdates for those competition will extend from January 1, 1993 to December 31, 1994 (15 to 17 years of age) 60 of these slots will go to guys within the following bodyweight training: fifty six kg., 62 kg. Sixty nine kg. Seventy seven kg., 85 kg. And +eighty five Kg. The remaining 50 will be crammed by women competing within the following bodyweight classes: forty eight kg., 53 kg., fifty eight kg. Sixty three kg. And +sixty three kg. This averages out to 10 competitors in line with magnificence and must make for a exceptional opposition.

The first qualifying occasion can be the 2009 Youth World Championships, a weightlifting best event scheduled to be performed every 12 months wherein the Youth Olympics aren’t performed. Although athletes within the 13-17 12 months age range can be allowed to compete, handiest 16 and 17-yr-olds will be allowed to proceed on to the Youth Olympics.

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