Who Says Iran’s Nuclear Program Is Only Peaceful?

Peaceful my rear end,” was the comment I heard from the retiring general in the US military as he gave a speech and answered questions about the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Very few political analysts, geopolitical gurus, military men, State Department employees, or foreign nations are fooled by the Iranian regimes trickery, tactics, or half-truths during negotiation on this issue. Okay, so let’s talk about this for a moment shall we?

Now then, who says that Iranians nuclear program is for only peaceful power generating purposes? Apparently, the only people who are saying this is the Iranian regime itself. Even the United Nations admitted along with the IAEA that Iran has been skirting the issue, and continuing their nuclear weapons program even during the sanctions, multiparty talks, and all their promises that they have stopped enriching uranium for that purpose.

CNN recently reported that Iran was hot on the trail of its nuclear weapons program on November 8, 2011 titled; “U.N.: Iran’s work “specific to nuclear weapons,” where they stated; Teheran

“The report is the strongest sign yet that Iran seeks to build a nuclear arsenal, despite claims to the contrary. With Israel threatening a military response, the report opens the way for a new confrontation between the West and Iran. In its latest report on Iran, the International Atomic Energy Agency outlines the sum of its knowledge on the Islamic Republic’s alleged secret nuclear weapons work.”

Of course, nothing in this report is news to the US Intelligence Community, CIA, or even a well-read news junkie here in the US, as there are ways to learn all this information fairly easily just watching and reading the news. Now then, I ask is the US now going to use the intelligence information from the United Nations and the IAEA rather than trying to purport CIA intelligence? Perhaps, and perhaps this administration doesn’t want to end up on the losing side of the stick, as the Bush Administration did in Iraq over the WMD issue.

A nuclear weaponized Iran would immediately have all of the nations in the Arab League seeking nuclear weapons, and it is obvious that Iran would also give its technology to Venezuela, Syria, and other players which it might be able to use to garner favorable trade agreements, and client nations which would support the Iranian regime. That in itself is a problem, but it doesn’t address the biggest fear.

The sum of all fears of course would be proxy terrorists with a nuclear weapon in a new dawning age of nuclear terrorism. That is definitely something the world doesn’t need, but it is a probable potential eventuality if Iran starts producing nuclear weapons. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.



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