Why Do You Need a Hood For Your Kitchen?

wouldn’t find a kitchen designer that would not include a kitchen hood above the cooking space.

However, if you have never used a hoof before, then you are probably wondering what all the fuss is about, and you might be thinking that you can some money by not having a hood.

But, it is recommended that you do buy a hood, as it will be a massive benefit to your kitchen. If you want to know how a hood will help you in your kitchen, then read ahead.

Multiple Uses

Kitchen hoods actually have multiple uses and you might be surprised at what they are. The main use of the kitchen hood is to remove heat from the kitchen. Therefore, when you are cooking, you won’t get too hot. So, it acts as a vent.

However, it will actually collect any grease that is released into the air during the cooking process. If you didn’t have a hood, then the grease would land on the counter tops and the floors, making the kitchen a hazardous area.

The third and most surprising use of a kitchen hood, is to provide light over the cooking area. When you are cooking, your vision can be impaired by smoke, or the heat might hurt your eyes. Kitchen hoods can be installed with lights on the underside of the border. When you feel like you need some extra light, you just turn on the hood lights. kitchen hood ideas

On the best kitchen hoods, the lights and the vents don’t have to work in conjunction with each other. This means you will have a button to press to turn on the light or the vents. They don’t have to be on at the same time.


Kitchen hoods can add an extra element to the design of the kitchen and actually add value to the home. There is a certain level of impact that people experience when they enter a kitchen with a hood installed. It just adds something more and makes your kitchen look a lot nicer.

You might not have a choice

When you are trying to make the decision whether or not you want a kitchen hood, you need to understand that you might not have a choice. In some states and countries, residential properties are required by law to have kitchen hoods because they decrease the chance of fires breaking out.

Therefore, it is recommended that you contact the local council and see what the building codes actually are. Then you will be better equipped to make the final decision.

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