Why Post A Poster?

One may question the need to place posters all around a retail outlet when the products are already on display. All the customers need to do is to walk around, you reckon. But let’s assume that the customer is in a hurry, do you think that he or she will finish perusing ALL the products that are on display? I don’t think so. And also assuming that the potential customer is merely browsing around while waiting for someone that he or she is with to finish their shopping but would not mind taking a look at the golf gloves that you have sale, wouldn’t it be a pity if that person did not get to at least check the product out?

Yes, as you can see, consumers are a busy bunch of people and sometimes, because of the rush that they are in and timing concerns, you need to bring their attention to something that they MIGHT want…and nothing works better than putting up a poster at eye level.

A brochure works too but it is not as eye-catching. Most of the time, brochures are handed out when customers are just walking in or as they are exiting. Bad timing. When they are walking in, they have their eyes on the shelves and the products that you have on display. It is common for these customers to just grab the brochure, cast it a sideway glance and then pop it into their bags or handbags. Poster Display Stands

Hence, if you have something really cool on offer, place a poster up on the wall of your retail outlet.

It would also be waste of time, effort, space and money to print an uninteresting poster that does not grab attention. Hire a professional graphic designer to come up with an interesting, eye-catching concept. Use visual effects to the max and hire a good copywriter for the killer words. Investing your money into a good poster can be a good branding exercise for your regular customers too, since they come into your store often enough to be repeatedly reminded about the product on promotion. When they out there with their friends and someone mention something that you are selling, your company and brand name will automatically pop into their minds.

Another fabulous way to make use of posters is to place it right smack at the window so that it grabs the attention of passer-bys who have never been to your store. Instead of simply plastering the poster onto the window, frame it up nicely and professionally to give it protection and an aesthetically more pleasing feel. To make it look even better, use a creative-looking poster stand.

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