Why You Should Care About Online Reviews

Online reviews are becoming increasingly important, for both consumers and businesses. For consumers they’re important because they can help make a more educated buying decision and they’re important for businesses because they help in getting customers. Here’s a good example of someone describing the power of online reviews, from a consumer’s perspective:

“Whenever I am buying a product or service, if there are reviews available from previous users/customers, I want to hear if they have had a good experience before I part with my hard earned cash! If a product or a service like a business had several glowing reviews, I would be more inclined to put my business their way. If the review is poor, i would look elsewhere.” Source: Yahoo! Answers

This is how most people feel. In fact, it might even be safe to say that:

– Businesses with the most positive online reviews get the most customers
– Businesses that have few/none are overlooked.

Ask yourself:

When you are looking online to buy something, do you like to see and read reviews? Do you favor businesses that have many positive reviews over those who have fewer or no reviews? Chances are, you answered yes to these questions. Most people do.

People like reviews. They trust reviews and largely base their buying decision on reviews. People like to be informed and when you give people what they like, you win.

There are two major benefits to having online reviews as a business owner:

1. It makes the phone ring
2. It boosts your local search rankings, which makes the phone ring even more

Of course that is an over-simplified example, but it does reflect the effect of having online reviews. Studies show that the majority of people read reviews online before they buy. Moreover, 85% of people purchase from a local business after researching online.

Now, getting online reviews might be easier said than done but it’s totally worth the effort. Let’s make a hypothesis:

Just imagine; from now on you are going to ask every happy customer to write a review about you online. Let’s say that every month, you get one review. In one year you will have 12 reviews. In five years, you will have 60 and In 10 years, you will have 120 reviews. Wowza! Now, with 120 positive reviews under your belt, how would you feel?

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