Yukon Leg Press

Yukon exercising equipment is some of the best exercise equipment on the market. This machines are widely used by many people and, like all Yukon exercise equipment, come with a lifetime warranty for the user. If you are interested in investing in a leg press, the Yukon leg presses are great machines to invest your money into. There are different styles of Yukon leg presses for your home gym. There is the standard Yukon leg press machine, the Yukon vertical leg press machine, the Yukon angled machine and the Yukon pro. All these have different features and price tags to go with them.

The standard machines is one of the best selling pieces of home gym equipment on the market. This is mostly because of the price and the lifetime warranty that comes with it. For a price of about one thousand dollars, this machine was built to last and to help get you into shape.

This machine can hold the weight of a user that is fifteen hundred pounds, so there should be no problem in working out on this machine, no matter what your weight might be. The Yukon vertical leg press machine is the cheapest of the Yukon machines. It is priced at just over three hundred dollars and makes a great addition to any home gym set up. This vertical machine offers the user a unique head rest that will adjust to their comfort and it also offers maximum back support. It will hold a user that is up to six hundred pounds, so there should be very few people with weight issues on this machine. power press machine manufacturers

The Yukon angled machine will cost just under six hundred dollars. This machine was built with space saving in mind. If you are concerned about space, but are still interested in a leg press machine, this is a good choice for you. It can hold a user of up to eight hundred pounds with no problems. Like all other Yukon equipment, it is built with the best materials so that it glides with the user, which cuts down on strains and other injuries. This machine only uses Olympic weight plates.

The Yukon pro machine is the most expensive of the Yukon machines at about twelve hundred dollars. Of course, there is a reason this piece of equipment is more expensive than the others. This machine was built so that stress to the user and the machine are minimal. You do not need to change pads between exercises and this machine can hold a user that weight up to eighteen hundred pounds. If you are looking for quality, look no further.

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